Trans-Plan offers many kinds of services including Transportation Design, Planning, Safety & Operations, and Data Collection. Our clients are our number one priority; communication and customization is imperative. As we have grown, we have expanded our services, and we will continue to do so going forward. Each client and each project is a unique opportunity for growth.

Transportation Planning

We provide transportation planning services to private and public agencies across Canada towards the planning of successful communities.

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Transportation Design

We create innovative design solutions with attention of safety, traffic operations, capacity, site access, transit operations, and smart traffic systems installation.

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Traffic Impact Study

We have created analytical tools and databases to support in resolving transportation matters to the satisfaction of both our client and the reviewing agencies

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Traffic Data and Road Asset Systems

We have developed our tools and products to better serve your traffic data needs. By using our proprietary innovative tools we are able to efficiently deliver the most reliable and cost-effective results.

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