We possess a vast experience and expertise in the design of transportation facilities. Coupled with our skills in planning and operations, our design services enable us to play a key role in the implementation of improvements from inception to completion. Our continuous involvement throughout the process proves to be a valuable asset to our clients. Our design services are also specifically tailored to the traffic engineering elements of construction projects. 

Why us:

  • We develop the number and design of parking stalls to support both functional and aesthetic objectives
  • We review public transit facilities to enhance both the development program and the transit operation
  • We appropriately scale pedestrian circulation systems linking activity nodes with one another and with site access points, while minimizing conflicts with vehicular movements
  • We develop operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of truck service areas, loading bays, garbage handling facilities and other freight handling systems
  • We design access routes with sufficient capacity and efficient connections to the site’s internal roads, service areas and parking spaces


  • Site Access Design
  • Parking Design
  • Internal Vehicular Circulation and Systems Design
  • Parking Layout and Simulations
  • Roadways, Roundabouts, Intersections & Railway Design
  • Ramp and System Design
  • Truck Access and Loading Area Design
  • Transit Integration and Pedestrian Facilities Design Cost Estimation


For more information, please call or email us at: 1 (877) 668-8784 Email: admin@trans-plan.com