Antony Jing, M.Eng(IT)

Antony Jing, M.Eng(IT)

Software Engineer

As a software engineer who have experience in both development and testing, Antony realize
the importance of versatility in software development that could bring to today’s
transportation industry. Antony’s goal is to continue develop his software skills and dedicate his
skills to solve different challenges in today’s transportation industry.

Antony deeply enjoys working in a team which everyone is striving forward to succeed while at
same time care and help each other. Trans-plan is a perfect place for Antony to achieve his
dream and truly enjoy his work. Antony’s journey in Trans-plan is believed to be a defining
moment in his own career as well as Trans-plan’s growth.

Outside from work, Antony is passionate about traveling, reading and using new technologies
to do new things. When travels around the world, Antony has special interest in learning and
knowing the characteristics of transportation system in different regions.