Trans-Plan prides itself on exceptional work and attention to detail on all projects completed by our E.I.T's. Below are some highlights of the hundreds of projects Trans-Plan has completed in just the past few years.


Highlighted Projects


Client: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Project: Retrofit and Renovation of the Bolton Camp Dining Hall and Recreation Hall

Address: 13540 Caledon King Townline South, Town of Caledon (Bolton)

Date: 2016 - 2018

The existing Bolton Camp was originally a campground for children and it is now in the process of being retrofitted to become a public area for community events and activities. The Bolton Camp aims to provide the community with pop-up retail shops, fitness classes, cooking classes, outdoor festivals, and public spaces for youth and all community members. Trans-Plan was involved in providing solutions for the internal traffic operations of the site, and the relocation and design of the access. The traffic generated by the Bolton Camp was also reviewed to confirm if the nearby intersections are able to handle the future traffic generated by the camp, and solutions were also provided to improve the nearby intersections.



Client: Bloomfield Truck Stop / D.C. McCloskey Engineering Ltd.

Project: Traffic impact study of a new Tim Hortons restaurant

Address: 1537 Provincial Road, Windsor

Date: Late 2018

Jonathan was contacted by Bloomfield Truck Stop / D.C. McCloskey Engineering Ltd. in late 2018 for a traffic impact study of a new Tim Hortons restaurant located on the south side of Windsor. These restaurants generally produce a large amount of traffic, thus the City requested analysis of the AM and PM rush hour periods, as well as the usual lunch period on a Saturday. To estimate the amount of traffic the restaurant will generate, traffic from several other Tim Hortons restaurants were analyzed. Because the roadway along the site was already very busy, the City has plans to widen the road in the future. We recommended signal timing changes at the nearest intersection to optimize the intersection once the restaurant is built and the road widening has occurred. Vehicle queues to the new restaurant were also analyzed to ensure that vehicles would not interfere with the adjacent fire station driveway. Overall, the new Tim Hortons restaurant would be a good addition to the area and is located at a convenient location for nearby businesses and residents.



Client: The Impressions Group

Project: Traffic Impact Study (TIS) and Parking Study for a proposed mixed use development

Address: 3639-3643 Portage Road, City of Niagara Falls, ON

Date: February 2019

Trans-Plan was retained to provide transportation consulting service in support of the proposed mixed use development. The proposed development is a twelve-storey building, consisting of 1,097.56 sq.m. of gross floor area (GFA) of ground floor retail spaces and 178 residential units. Jing was involved as a traffic analyst, completed the TIS and parking study to determine the anticipated traffic and parking demands of the proposed development. Both parking utilization survey in the subject site and proxy parking demand survey of similar mixed-use developments were conducted and analyzed to estimate the parking demand and ensure sufficient parking supply is proposed. A vehicle turning template review was also provided to demonstrate all the vehicles are able to maneuver into the site and the designated area without conflict. 



Client: JM Hospitality Inc. (API Development Consultants)

Project: Traffic Impact Study (TIS), Parking Study, Site Plan Review and a Construction Management Plan

Location: 8330 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, Ontario

Date: First submission was in August 2018 second submission was in March 2019

This was a Transportation Mobility Plan including a TIS, Parking Study, Site Plan Review and a Construction Traffic Management Plan. The project included a 7 storey hotel building with 216 rooms and underground parking and a 4 storey building with ground floor restaurant/commercial uses and office uses on floors 2, 3 and 4. This was a larger project involving the City of Markham, York region and the MTO. The purpose was to provide additional short term residences for travelers in the Markham region, as well as a small amount of office and restaurant space for local business.