Transportation Air Quality is award-winning technology in Environmental Science and Engineering based on validated research. 

Trans-Plan is a professional Transportation Engineering company, MTO RAQS Qualified and PEO licensed. We solve challenging mobility problems by applying our expert knowledge, innovative tools, and utmost care.

Each client and each project is unique, so we apply our planning, operations and design services to complete your project on time and on budget.


Our Technology 

We create innovative Air Quality monitoring and modeling solutions with our experience in safety, traffic capacity, site access, transit operations, and smart traffic systems installation.

Our smart city engineers can create forecasting models and develop mitigation measures for the unique characteristics of your own urban transportation planning process. Depending on your needs, we provide reports of air quality by the hour or day of the week, for the duration you require. 

We support your community health standards and air quality regulations.


Reliable Data

Using fixed and mobile sensor equipment, we collect reliable environmental air quality data you need. Our solution is flexible and can be powered by solar energy.

Our proprietary analytical software modeling tools provide you with 3D distributions of environmental and weather factors for your reports.

We align with National Ambient Air Quality Objectives (NAAQO) and Canadian Ambient Air Quality Standards (CAAQS).


You can rely on Trans-Plan’s 10-year history in the transportation industry to provide you with the studies you need, designed by engineers, validated by researchers, and compliant with regulatory requirements.