Trans-Plan's services focus on safety and operational excellence. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact on the world. As transportation designers & advisors, we strengthen our clients’ decisions to deliver the most responsible solutions. In the transportation industry, project participants are exposed to risk constantly. Companies must meet a number of local, national and international regulations and standards.

Our solutions help to identify and mitigate these risks. We employ the leading technology used by progressive companies worldwide to lower exposure to risk, improve quality, reduce losses, raise productivity, and provide comprehensive risk analysis. 

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Control
  • Construction Work Zones
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Emergency Response
  • Special Events
  • Road Closures & Detours
  • Capacity & Level of Service Analysis

Our Technology & Data Collection Systems: 

At Trans-Plan, we develop tools and products to collect more accurate and reliable traffic data. By using our innovative tools and data management system, we are able to deliver the most reliable and cost-effective results. In order to become more efficient, we created a cloud-based app called iCountTraffic (ICT). This system collects traffic data through the use of a smart tablet and includes various applications that have different data collection functions.

Benefits of ICT

  • Online client access (cloud access)
  • All-in-one toolset (camera, notepad & GPS)
  • Faster, lighter & easier to use
  • Send data immediately & wirelessly
  • Cost effective
  • Fully customizable

Using our proprietary database, we design simplified and customized digital traffic counts and road asset solutions that meet our clients' needs. We train surveyors, ATR installers, and analysts ourselves in order to achieve the high-standards we expect, as well as providing the necessary safety training. Our staff use top of the line equipment and software, and communicate with clients as needed, to keep them informed. Trans-Plan efficiently collects information to improve traffic operations and prioritize the safety of citizens and visitors within the Region.

Our technology development products include:

Mapping the City Road Assets (MCRA/TrafficSigns)

  • Manual TS-M V.1.0 - V.2.0. Collects data with a smart tablet and builds a deep learning database
  • Semi-automated TS-SA V.1.0 - V.2.0. Incorporates a semiconductor for connectivity
  • Fully automated TS-FA V.1.0 - V.2.0. Provides advanced connectivity for digital infrastructure

Deep-Learning Traffic Analysis System (DLTAS)

  • Manual DLTAS v.1.0



We have two methods of data collection; the Manual method includes sending out surveyors for data collection using our Application System (ICT), and the Semi-Automated method includes sending out traffic cameras (or ATR machines) for collection to be brought back into the office for processing. 

We have two methods of data collection:

  1. Manual Digital Traffic Count
  2. Advanced Video Traffic Count

A) Manual Digital Traffic Data: 

  1. TM: Turning Movement count
  2. LT: Left Turn Study
  3. GP: Gap Study
  4. PK1: Parking Utilization Study
  5. PK2: Parking Demand study
  6. EYE: Advanced Count Camera
  7. SF: Saturation Flow Study
  8. TG: Trip Generation Study
  9. DL: Delay Study
  10. OD: Origin Destination Study
  11. TR: Transit passenger study
  12. SD: Site Distance Review Studies
  13. PDC: Pedestrian Delay & Crossing Studies


B) Advanced Video Traffic data:

Building on the success of our traffic data applications, we bring you the latest generation of portable video traffic count solution. With massively improved memory with and amazing D1 high quality recording at 30FPS – 64 hours. This, bundled with the H.264 capability, to provide us with a great picture recorded footage quality. Our camera system equipped with the top of the line weatherproof, colour, day and night bullet camera that comes with 750 lines of resolution. This is by far the absolute best portable traffic camera system yet. In addition, our camera application has 3 different ways to record:


  1. Motion Detection: Built-in. We can record when there is motion or activity taking place.
  2. Continuously: Continuous recording.
  3. Schedule: We can select the hours of the day that we want to record whether it is continuous, motion activated, not at all, or any combination thereof.