We create innovative design solutions with attention of safety, traffic operations, capacity, site access, transit operations, and smart traffic systems installation. We possess a vast experience in the design of transportation facilities throughout Canada. Coupled with our skills in planning and operations, our design services enable us to play a key role in the implementation of improvements from inception to completion. Our continuous involvement throughout the process to support both functional and aesthetic objectives proves to be a valuable asset to our clients. The design services we offer are specifically tailored to the traffic engineering elements of construction projects.

Transportation Design Services:

  • Site Access Design

  • Parking Design

  • Parking Planning

  • Internal Vehicular Circulation and Systems Design

  • Parking Layout and Simulations

  • Roadways, Roundabouts, Intersections & Railway Design

  • Ramp and System Design

  • Truck Access and Loading Area Design

  • Transit Integration and Pedestrian Facilities Design Cost Estimation