Trans-Plan noise, vibration and acoustics team provides noise and vibration engineering and consulting services for a wide variety of sectors including transportation, industrial, commercial, and construction.

We provide noise & vibration assessments for the impact from road, rail and air transportation as well as industrial sources on adjacent noise-sensitive land uses --- both existing and proposed. 

The process includes selection and analysis of mitigation measures such as sound barriers, architectural elements, operational techniques and vibration isolation concepts. Sound exposures are quantified by predictions using our state of the art applications and by field measurements. Vibration exposures are usually determined by measurement.

We have a comprehensive familiarity with the noise and vibration guidelines of Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) railways, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), World Health Organization (WHO), and the US Federal Highways Administration. 


Services include: 

  • Noise and vibration impact and assessment studies for land use approval

  • Railway Noise & Vibration – Trains, Subways, Light Rail (LRTs) and Streetcars/Trams

  • Noise Impact Studies for renewable energy projects

  • Aircraft/Helicopter Noise – Airports, Hospital Landing Pads

  • Noise Studies for EA’s and Class EA’s 

  • Bridge/Tunnel Noise & Vibration: Road & Railway

  • Construction – Building, Repairing and Demolishing
  • HVAC & Mechanical Noise, Delivery Vehicle Impacts, Entertainment Venues
  • Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) Applications for noise and vibration under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act

  • Race Track Noise – Race Cars, Horses, Motor Bikes, Go Karts

  • Peer Review

  • Bus Terminals/Train Stations