asset city

AssetCity is transportation technology developed by Trans-Plan to provide software solutions for road asset management. Integrated modules in the AssetCity suite are developed to meet municipality needs. Future road asset modules include parking meters, cycling infrastructure, curbs, trees, fire hydrants, and more.

AssetCity is a knowledge-driven application that promotes safe and smart movement for everyone on your city streets. It lets you optimize your road assets in one simple, integrated system to manage:

  • Inventory
  • Compliance
  • Maintenance
  • Replacement
  • Acquisition
  • Future projections



  • The first in our suite of applications, lets you:
  • Manage your 10,000+ signs simply with a desktop, tablet, or iPhone
  • Digitize all the road traffic sign assets for your municipality 
  • Create a knowledge database to enable mining for empirical analysis and systematic upkeep of assets
  • Further ‘future-ready’ cities for connected and autonomous vehicles to move safely on your city streets


AssetCity integrates your road asset inventory with analytical tools, providing seamless live status updates for managers, supervisors, and field workers.




At Trans-Plan, we are developing our own software and applications to make transportation engineering more efficient and productive. Our applications help our team to better collect data as well as create more precise results and analyses. 

Our suite of applications is set to include:

  • Turning movement studies

  • Left turn studies

  • Gap studies
  • Saturation flow studies

  • Trip generation studies
  • Delay studies

  • Parking studies
  • Origin destination studies

  • Transit passenger studies
  • Sight distance studies
  • Pedestrian studies