Trans-Plan was established in 2009 and is today one of Canada's leading companies in traffic planning and transportation engineering. We strive to become a one-stop shop for all transportation planning by bringing unique insight into engineering practices. We create tools that make data collection easier and more reliable, and that make analyses more robust. Skilled in building the latest in deep learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and smart technologies, we give our clients the best services for the least expense. Our specialized transportation engineers know how to combine best practices with tomorrow’s smart solutions.

We bring a vision of smart cities to the practical problems our clients need to solve. We enrich our clients with the knowledge and advice they need for safe movement on streets and highways: for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.  

We develop simple and elegant solutions to update and advance the current road infrastructure with environmental benefits.



Trans-Plan leads the field among the best transportation engineering companies. Our visionary insight creates smart, technology-driven transportation planning practices. We inspire ideas that improve industry knowledge, technical analysis, and transportation engineering principles, and we put those ideas into action.

We create the future where engineering affects the environments we live in and the people we live with. With this in mind, we are top traffic consultants, actively transforming our cities’ infrastructure into smart cities.

Our principal traffic engineering services:


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the transportation industry by creating simple and smart solutions for transportation design, consulting, planning, operations, and data collection. We solve challenging transportation problems by applying our expert knowledge to every aspect of each project for our public and private clients. We bring quality and value in each and every product/service we introduce to the market.

Our Vision

We see sustainability through transportation networks and urban environments as the way to help shape and advance liveable communities. Not only do we serve our clients, but we transform the industry by advocating for improved industry guidelines, standards, technologies, and processes. Through this advocacy, we strive to directly contribute to the communities where we live and work, and enrich the quality of people’s live.

Our Values

Trans-Plan is transparent about our values: They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our community and with each other. Through integrity, accountability, efficiency, and a focus on success, our team delivers high-quality, accurate results.


Our team is built of leaders and innovative thinkers. From our focus on prudent transportation engineering consulting to exceptional client service and customized project proposals, we look after our clients in a way that is different from the rest of the crowd.

Cutting edge: We elevate the transportation engineering industry to the next level through our advancements in application development and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Customized: We produce the best possible solutions to local transportation issues and never lose sight of the big picture because we know every community has particularized needs for traffic management.

Timely & Accessible: Projects are delivered on time. Reports are accessible 24/7 through our secure online system.

Professional: We focus on finding the best solutions and achieving those results consistently, in less time, with fewer people, and smarter technologies.

Ethical integrity: Through our integrity and ethics, we have established strong, lasting relationships with our clients. 

Expert: We specialize only in transportation engineering. Our team is focused and agile, experts in cutting edge approaches to problem solving.


Transportation engineering - Simplified!