James Portoraro, B.A

James Portoraro, B.A

Traffic Assistant

James is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph where he majored with honours in Philosophy and minored in Political Science; with particular interests in Aesthetics, Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Political Philosophy and the History of Philosophy. Complementing his philosophical interests is a passion for urbanism and transportation; he is constantly reading about urban spaces, urban theory, architecture and transportation.

He is thrilled to be working with Trans-Plan as a traffic assistant; contributing towards more efficient and greener ways to get around. While his work varies from data entry and report writing to field work, he also contributes articles to the company's blog; The Transportation Gazette.

Language learning is another passion of his, as he speaks English, Spanish, German, French and Russian, at varying levels of proficiency. Watching films, listening to radio, speaking and reading in other languages is something he enjoys immensely.

As a creative outlet, he runs a DJ project in which he primarily mixes techno, ambient, experimental music and house to create mixes, of which he also contributes artwork. While some are intended for the club space, others are meant for personal listening. Overall, curating music is a medium in which he can express and experiment with ideas and emotions non-verbally.

Through philosophy, languages and culture, he seeks to explore and gain insight into human life from various angles and forms of expression.