Jeff Pascua, M.Sc.

Jeff Pascua, M.Sc.

Transportation E.I.T, Level I

As an advocate for road safety, Jeff is passionate about promoting safe and efficient transportation for all road users. His interests in road safety and traffic operations have allowed him to recently join the Trans-Plan team as a Transportation Engineer-in-Training. 

After completing his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering at Lakehead University, Jeff is working towards his Master's degree at the same institution. His master’s thesis is focused on i) investigating relationships between pedestrian injury severity and roadway infrastructure and ii) forecasting future trends of pedestrian fatalities. Before joining Trans-Plan, Jeff has worked as a Transportation Safety Analyst where he acquired experience in traffic conflict studies, sight-line analyses, and over-representation. He is currently working towards earning his Professional Engineering license.

He was involved in several walkability efforts with the City of Thunder Bay, including multiple grassroots campaigns for promoting pedestrian safety and a before-and-after statistical analysis of pedestrian crossovers within the City. He is also affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) and the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP). Outside of the transportation engineering world, Jeff enjoys cycling, hiking, and kayaking.