Luke Nolet

Luke Nolet

IT Specialist

Luke Nolet is an I.T Technician at Trans-Plan, with a strong passion for the constantly evolving world of computers. As a strong self taught learner, he has had interest in computers since the age of 8. Some of the core beliefs of the industry he holds are to always keep methodology evolving and never take the easy routes. Luke also has a strong interest for the Android Modification Community, which has lead to a strong understanding of how the android OS functions. 

Luke also has strong leadership skills from going through a program called Cadence. The pillars the program focused on are; Character, Community, Integrity, Leadership, Resiliency and Mental Health.

Outside of Trans-Plan, Luke's biggest hobbies are dancing and learning about new technologies! Luke is an experiential learner so diving right in is the best way for him to learn.