TRANS PLAN INC est une société canadienne de trafic et de transport qui crée des plans bien pensés pour le mouvement dans des environnements urbains. Nous résolvons les problèmes complexes en matière de transport piétons, vélo, automobile et transport en commun. Nous y parvenons en appliquant notre expertise, en accordant le plus grand soin à la planification et à la conception du transport, et collaborant avec d'autres professionnels. Nous fournissons des conseils sur le transport urbain aux clients des secteurs public et privé.


In order to deliver effective solutions, we listen to our clients more than we talk. Trans-Plan recognizes that clear communication is key to ensuring clients are comfortable with the plans, designs and solutions. We set the standard for service and walk the talk because we believe that, at the end of the day, what matters are results.


We guarantee high quality and accurate results using data collected by tools we developed in-house.


Results and reports delivered within 48hours, and accessible through our online system 24/7. No third party tools are used.


We are cost-effective as we use our own state of art, innovative tools. We don’t rent or borrow tools, therefore we control our overhead cost to the benefit of our clients.


Our professional traffic engineers verify all data collected.