Trans-Plan is a Canadian traffic and transportation engineering company that creates thoughtful plans for movement in urban environments. Trans-Plan is dedicated to creating sustainable transportation networks and urban planning to help shape and advance the industry as a whole. Our mission is to offer the best quality services in transportation design, consulting, planning, operations and data collection. We are continuously learning from our analyses to advocate for improved industry guidelines, standards, technologies, and processes. As a firm, we are aware of how we can use our expertise and energies to directly contribute to the neighbourhoods where we live and work, and to enrich the quality of people’s lives.


Through our products and services, we continue to define the world of transportation and traffic engineering. This enables us to provide solutions and services that are informed and innovative. We are more than just consultants; we are trusted partners providing expertise to help our clients achieve their strategic goals. Through our commitment to business ethics, Trans-Plan is dedicated to building and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with clients by operating with integrity and respect. Trans-Plan is inspired to elevate the transportation engineering industry to the next level through our advancements in application development and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Trans-Plan works with clients to analyze and improve existing systems, and deliver expert care in planning, design and development, with the public’s interest in mind.


We guarantee high quality and accurate results using data collected by tools we developed in-house.


Results and reports delivered within 48 hours, and accessible through our online system 24/7. No third party tools are used.


We do more with less. We are cost-effective. We use our own state of art, innovative tools, controlling our overhead costs and not renting or borrow from others. We specialize only in transportation, so our team is focused and expert.