Trans-Plan is a Canadian professional traffic and transportation engineering company that creates thoughtful plans for movement in urban environments. We are licensed PEO Professional Engineering Company in Ontario, licensed APEGA in Alberta, and registered RAQS, Ministry of Transportation MTO. We solve challenging pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and automobile transportation problems by applying our expert knowledge and utmost care in Traffic & Transportation, planning, design and collaboration with other professionals. We provide urban transportation advisory services to public and private clients across Canada.


In order to deliver effective solutions, we listen to our clients more than we talk. Trans-Plan recognizes that clear communication is key to ensuring clients are comfortable with the plans, designs and solutions. We set the standard for service and walk the talk because we believe that, at the end of the day, what matters are results. Trans-Plan aspires to be the most respected engineering company, renowned for:


We guarantee high quality and accurate results using data collected by tools we developed in-house.


Results and reports delivered within 48 hours, and accessible through our online system 24/7. No third party tools are used.


We are cost-effective as we use our own state of art, innovative tools. We don’t rent or borrow tools, therefore we control our overhead cost to the benefit of our clients.


We focus on finding solutions and achieving results. Our professional traffic engineers verify all data collected.