Trans-Plan is a Canadian, Toronto-based traffic planning and transportation engineering company. We are a registered MTO, RAQS, and licensed PEO (Professional Engineering) firm in Ontario. We create innovative, efficient and smart plans for movement in urban environments. We solve traffic planning problems faced by the private sector, public sector and non-governmental agencies while valuing all stakeholders: pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and vehicle drivers. We strive to become a one-stop shop providing traffic engineering services for all of your transportation projects. As top traffic consultants and transportation engineers, we create tools for easier, more reliable data collection and more robust analyses. We are preparing future cities now. Our expertise benefits the neighbourhoods where we live and work, and enriches the quality of people’s lives.

We transform the industry - today and tomorrow!


We are more than just engineers; we are trusted partners providing expertise to help our clients achieve their strategic goals. Clients rely on us, for good reason: they can!


Trustworthy results are guaranteed with our proprietary in-house tools for data collection and analysis. Our professional traffic engineers verify all data collected, and our engineering team safeguards all analyses and reports.


We help clients to analyze and improve existing systems, delivering planning, design and development with the public’s interest in mind. We focus on finding the best solutions and achieving those results consistently, in less time, with fewer people, and smarter technologies.


We do more for clients less expensively and more efficiently. We use our own state of art, innovative tools, controlling our overhead costs and not renting or borrow from others. Each client and each project is a unique opportunity for solving new problems, smartly and elegantly.